Top five reviews of Cocoa Beach Pier

There are many piers in the florida States one of the famous Cocoa Beach piers on Florida’s space coast. Cocoa Beach Pier is also known as the Canaveral Pier. You can enjoy many well-known restaurants, sighting, and fishing. At cocoa beach pier there are many other activities like Volleyball Court and live musical entertainment. In this article, I am going to share some top five reviews of Cocoa Beach Pier from trip advisor.

Five reviews of Cocoa Beach Pier

Top five reviews of Coco Beach Pier

Great view; fun eating over the water

Despite the horrible weather (cold, windy, and rainy), we had fun walking out on the very long pier, then eating a nice mean high above the water.Food was enjoyable, as were the drinks, and the service was quite good. Reasonable prices made this a stop, next time (with better weather)

Hospitality Student Visit

What a great experience. High school hospitality students were taken on a tour by Food/Beverage Manager Jerry Maxwell. He explained the history of the pier, the new management, and how the whole operation works. He even offered us a menu sampling on the house – wonderfully served by Jenny! We then stopped and had delicious soft serve ice cream on the way out (apologies I did not get our ice cream server’s name – but she was friendly and fabulous as well)! Great day!!

Lots of Recreational Activities

There is Parking near the Pier. Whether one is here to swim, surf, fish, watch or enjoy a meal this locale is suitable.
There is swimming on either side of the Pier although the Surfers with their boards are quite Active in this area especially on the south side. Fisherman drops a line from the Pier or cast into the surf from the area directly to the north. Rods and bait are both available on the Pier. There are a few dining cordoned off dining areas on the Pier. Watchers are everywhere fascinated by all the action on the Pier, and nearby
The Cocoa Beach Pier is worth a visit

Perfect pier for your Cocoa Beach vacation

It’s ALWAYS great when there is a pier on a beach….you get that added excitement of being out OVER the ocean, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a pier like Cocoa Beach pier where you also get some great restaurants and bars!

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