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Merritt Island is a census-designated area in Brevard County, Florida, discovered on the eastern Floridian coast, along with the Atlantic Ocean. Since of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 34,743. If there’s one thing about Merritt Island that everyone understands, it’s that pride runs deep. Merritt Island’s people love their island. And they will be the first one to tell you that. Look around, and it will not be long before an “I love my Island” bumper sticker zooms by on the back of a vehicle. Tour Merritt Island High School and see that they do not just do something with style, they do it with “Island style,” means they do things a “cut about the rest,” said previous principal Gary Shriffrin. Could anything possibly stump these noble islanders? Maybe, but understanding the Merritt Island, this may be a hard task to take on. We’ll try anyway.

Merritt Island

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Pineapples, not oranges, were the island’s first significant crop

 Tales of old Merritt Island tell of extensive orange groves and the families that prospered off of the citrus manufacturing. However, the early ideal harvest on Merritt Island wasn’t the iconic orange, and it was the pineapple. Pineapples increased in the island’s soil after disease hit Hawaii and opened the door for Florida to start in on the pineapple business, said Pine Island education center administrator Martha Pessaro. Merritt Island was among the first areas in the state to harvest the prickly plant. That was until freezes hit Florida in the late 1800s and wiped out stock of pineapple plants. Focus shifted more massively to oranges after that.

The oldest house in Brevard is on Merritt Island

Nestled in the forests on North Merritt Island sits the former house in Brevard County: The Sams Cabin at Pine Island. The home built in 1875 and initially settled in Eau Gallie. John H. Sams, who made the house, determined to move it to Merritt Island in 1879 by deconstructing it, floating it up the Indian River Lagoon and reassembling it on Merritt Island, according to records from its museum. The 600-square-foot structure housed a family of 4 adults and six kids in three bedrooms. There was no kitchen in the house, as all of the cooking done outdoors, said Pessaro. A larger home was later built in 1888 just adjacent to the cabin. Both still stand today and can be traveled at the Pine Island Conservation Area.

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Merritt Island is the “most historically notable landscape” in the Southeast

Between the old Ais Indian burial mounds (which can be found across the island and on assets of Kennedy Space Center), abandoned ghost towns, archaeological dig places and plantations, Merritt Island overflows with historical point, said Layne Hamilton, administrator of the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, and was once pegged “the most historically significant landscape in the Southeast.” She scored at least four secret cemeteries found on the property of the refuge and available to the public. Those add to the stable history of the area.

Before it was Merritt Island, it was at least 23 various communities

 Remember Georgiana? How about Courtenay? Audubon? Those names may look familiar to islanders who transfer reminders of these places every day. There’s a school named Audubon, Georgiana cemetery regarded as one of the “most haunted” locations in Brevard, and Courtenay, well it’s the full crowded road everyone loves to hate.  Before Merritt Island was clumped together as one famous place, it was first 23 shorter communities, several with their community centers, stores, schools, and churches, said Roz Foster, a local historian

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