Things to know before exploring Cocoa Beach

There are no doubt how many things to do in your city, there is always a hunger to get away from your city on vacation. Especially when you are in Florida State, surrounded by water. Central Florida comes with a lot of entertaining things within an hour drive. So this makes it the well-known tourist destination.

Things to know about Cocoa Beach

 Things to know before exploring Cocoa Beach

Although Universal and Disney World and shopping malls in Orlando are tourists most favorite points there are much more to explore in the east coast, a town of Cocoa Beach.  All you need is a car full of the gas tank or if you are not have these, let Florida shuttle transportation do it for you.

Cocoa Beach is the best place for a one day tour, you just have to drive 40 minutes from Orlando. All you need for Cocoa Beach tour is beach towel, your flip-flops, and fresh mood:). Leaving for cocoa beach early in the morning will help you to avoid heavy traffic. In Cocoa Beach, you definitely get what you expect: really good peoples, a lot of sand, and eye-catching views. There are many top-notch indoor and outdoor bars for all visitors.In west side a little ahead you will find another beach in a town. There is a tamer on Cocoa Beach right in the backyard of the resort. This is a more family oriented part of a beach. In the resort, you will find large rooms with kitchen, living rooms, master bedrooms and kids room. There is volleyball net for kids and adults and a big swimming pool. For a group of friends and families, there is one of the best places to stay overnight. If you are looking for quick lunch or dinner, there are a lot of famous food chains to serve you.

This will surely a good day on Cocoa Beach. In case you are not tired of Cocoa Beach, don’t forget to head back down to Coconuts. Enjoy live music while walking across the street.

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