Get to know about a trip from Cocoa Beach to Miami

If you are looking for some outdoor recreation in Florida where you can paddle or cruise along endless trails and waterways, where you can spot alligators, manatees and many different species of birds in the springs, woods, and lakes and where you can visit main cities along the way. Discover famous museums and performing arts venues on your trips as well as vibrant streets pulsing with universal flavors, festive hangouts, and friendly people. All these different cities have something very unique to themselves. You can have a lot of fun visiting all these amazing cities and you can reserve your seats with Florida Shuttle Transportation. In this blog, you will get to know about a trip from Cocoa Beach to Miami in Florida.

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A trip from Cocoa Beach to Miami

Cocoa Beach:

Visit Cocoa Beach Pier and see Santas fall from the sky!  You can watch professional skydivers dressed as Santa displaying many disciplines including Flying Canopies, high-speed landings swerving around inflatable Christmas trees, carrying flags and make attempts to land on a colossal inflatable Santa chair. All these fun activities make this city a very unique and wonderful place to explore.

For Pierce:

Fort Pierce is well known for being an attractive fishing town. But you need to take a closer look then you will find an abundance of activities here. Fort Pierce has the cultural enthusiasm to rival any major city. With weekly and monthly premier shows and events, explorers never run out of fun things to do. Nonetheless, Fort Pierce is well known for its world-class fishing. Paddleboarding and horseback riding is a fun activity available for visitors.

Port Saint Lucie:

Port St. Lucie is a city on the East of Florida along I-95. There are many places here for exploring. The Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens areas are committed to orchids, bamboo, and native plants, as well as butterflies and hummingbirds. Southeast of the center, the waterways of the North Fork St. Lucie Aquatic Preserve are dwelling to manatees, river otters, egrets, and alligators.

West Palm Beach:

Located along the East Coast, West Palm Beach is a city in South Florida which is separated from neighboring Palm Beach by the Lake Worth Lagoon. The downtown area is filled with restaurants, shops, bars, and clubs. Palm Beach International Airport is one of the busiest Airport in the world. The Norton Museum of Art exhibits American, European and Chinese art.


Miami is one of the most famous vacation spots known throughout the world. This particular destination offers something for everyone. The Miami area always offers multiple enticements for every visitor. The trendy nightlife is always attracting young blood from all over the States. The plush hotels of Miami and historic hideaways make this place a dream come true. This amazing city offers seemingly endless shopping opportunities in modern, sprawling malls in downtown Miami area. A trip from Cocoa Beach to Miami will not be complete until you visit all of these amazing places that this wonderful city offers. If you need information regarding trips in Florida then you can click here for all the details.

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