Five reviews about The Simpsons Ride of Orlando

Orlando is the most famous city of Florida which offers countless place of entertainment and fun. This central city of Florida has transformed into the most famous city of Florida because of its Theme Parks. Orlando International Airport is one of the very busiest Airports of Florida. Tourists visit this all around the year. Many festivals are held to attract more tourists. Weather is fine and food is delicious. Night life could also be very exciting if you know the right place. In this blog you will read five reviews about The Simpsons Ride of Orlando, Florida.

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Reviews about The Simpsons Ride

Matthew says:

Best ride in the park. We were there for 4 days of Harry Potter (both parks) and yet this was our favorite simulator. The humor was at the highest Simpson level, but I would advise against taking very small children because of the gruesome Itchy & Scratchy bits that you see before the ride begins.

David Miller says:

You don’t have to be a fan of the Simpsons to enjoy this ride. Make sure you load up on the food at the Krusty Burger before you go on. You won’t regret that decision……….. On 2nd thought, eat afterwards. Better outcome, the ride has a lot of movement. Cool ride either way!

jeff testolin says:

VERY funny ride. I won’t deduct a star because the virtual reality makes me sick, but if you’re semi-prone to motion sickness, you’ll regret this one. It’s my wife’s favorite ride, and definitely makes you feel like you’re in the cartoon. Just like the Simpsons show, it very witty and entertaining. Really unique and you can typically get on and off without much waiting.

Warrior Monkey says:

As much as I love The Simpsons movie and tv show, I love the ride. The Simpsons Ride is actually my favorite at Universal Studios Florida. Definitely worth the wait. I still miss Back to The Future but this is one of my favorite rides on Universal Property.

Sal Marciano says:

Considering youre not really on a coaster, you sure do get the effect that youre on one with the simpsons. If youre a fan of the show then youll love the ride. Went on 4 times. You can see the reel on the movie on youtube.

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