Everything that you need to know about Merritt Island

The unincorporated “community” of Merritt Island, Florida is located on Florida’s biggest island, which acts as the residence of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, still a major visitor’s destination, although space shuttles no longer are being released. You could get in the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex, meet an astronaut, take pleasure in the automated thrills of the Shuttle bus Release. And, if you are lucky, you will be on site when an unmanned rocket blasts off.

Everything about Merritt Island Florida

Merritt Island, Florida is just one of the most attractive locations that welcomes the visitors all over the world to see wild animals. If you have not seen several of these creatures free in the wild before in your life, you will seem like you are in the presence of magic when you do view one and that you’ll never forget this awesome moments the rest of your life.

One side of the Merritt island is mapped by a road called Tropical Path which follows the Indian River. The perfect way to see the wild life is from a canoe or kayak, and that you will see herons, pelicans, osprey, egrets, flips, seagulls, timber peckers, peacocks as well as perhaps the dolphins. There are many parks with drops anchor that jut out right into the river for you to pull off at and have a good breakfast picnic. From this point of view you can see manatees, dolphins, puffer fish, skates, Jelly fish, reptiles, and even a gator.

In case you need any ground transportation to and from Merritt Island, click on the image below:

MANATEESCommonly all you see is the bump of noses of Manatees appearing of the water or the top of the hump of their bodies, it appears like a log covered with moss. When they swim you see a wake with two collections of rings, one collection from their front flippers followed by one collection made by their tail.

DOLPHINS: Exactly what you view is their dorsal fin rising up and also down in the water. They swim in a sort of catchy sine wave. You have to look many feet ahead of the work area you viewed the fin to view the following appearing. If you see a big rapid relocating wake or an unusual roll in the surface of the water there is probably a dolphin under it.

Apparently, there are numerous things about Merritt Island that you need to know to have a perfect getaway. It is better to give it a shot;) If you need to read more about traveling, click here!

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